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Fun Family Activities & Games

One hour or more of heart-pumping active play every day helps kids stay healthy


Get Active

Obstacle courses are great ways for kids to stay active. Using simple items from around the house like pillows, boxes, and construction paper, you can make an endless loop of activity. There are great ideas online for ways to create a course that will result in hours of active fun. 

Family Activities


Family Activities




Need to get your FAMILY moving? Try these other strategies:

  • Take a family walk around the neighborhood after dinner
  • Let your kids take turns picking a new activity or kid's game for the family to try
  • Give gifts that encourage your kids to move, like balls and mitts or interactive sports and fitness games

How can you encourage your kids to get active? Get moving yourself!


Ways YOU can get moving:


  • Playing with your child
  • Taking a walk with other parents
  • Going for a bike ride
  • Dancing
  • Parking your car far from your destination
  • Taking the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Running in place while watching your favorite TV show

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