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Healthy Food Basics

The link between healthy food and healthy kids is clear.Take these action steps to get on the road to healthy eating:

  • Create a weekly meal plan using similar fruits and veggies in
    different ways. Healthy Food Basics
  • Divide treats into single-serving portions using the nutitional information on the label to avoid overindulging.
  • Let your kids help make meals and snacks (Try these free recipes).
  • Make healthy foods for kidsavailable, so they’re the first things
    kids reach for.
  • Limit the amount of unhealthy snacks at home. If it’s not in the house, your family can’t eat it!
  • Avoid the “clean your plate” rule. Start with a small serving and let your child ask for seconds.

When eating out…

  • Pick healthy meals ahead of time by checking out the restaurant’s onlinemenu.
  • Order fruits and veggies for your own meal. Kids will mirror your behavior.
  • Choose salads, broth soups or veggies (not fried) as appetizers.
  • Make special dietary requests or ask for healthier substitutions if necessary.
  • Let your kids share a meal if the portion sizes are too big.
  • Get even more tipsfor dining out.

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