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5210 Initiative

5 A Day

Working to increase the number of Monroe County children at a healthy weight.

Greater Rochester Health Foundation (GRHF) launched the 5∙2∙1∙0 Be A Healthy Hero initiative in 2007 and program interventions began in 2008.

The initiative focuses on four strategies for making Monroe County area children healthier:

Increasing Physical Activity and Improving Nutrition

  • More than 7,000 children at GRHF-funded child care providers were given healthier food, switched to low-fat/non-fat milk and had at least one hour of physical activity each day. 
  • Schools funded by GRHF increased the amount of physical activity to 60 minutes per day for more than 3,000 elementary children and increased the number of children in the "healthy fitness zone." One school district increased the amount of healthy foods chosen by the students and made the cafeteria profitable for the school district. 
  • 190 organizations throughout Monroe County were awarded Mini-Grants. As a result, each year 12,000 children participate in more physical activity both in and out of school. Many Mini-Grantees have supported activities to introduce children to healthier foods.

 Advocating for Healthy Kids

  • GRHF support established Healthi Kids (Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency) which is successfully organizing parents and others in the community to prompt important changes that will benefit the health of young people in Rochester:
    • The Rochester City School District (RCSD) added $2 million to the school food budget and now requires food contractors to serve healthier foods.
    • The RCSD wellness policy now mandates 20 minutes of recess each day in all city elementary schools.

 Engaging the Clinical Community

  • With GRHF funding, the University of Rochester Department of Pediatrics created the Greater Rochester Obesity Collaborative (GROC), a learning collaborative involving 26 pediatric practices.
  • 90% of physicians participating in the learning collaborative documented children's weight status, and 79% discussed the children's weight status with parents.


  • The 5∙2∙1∙0 Be A Healthy Hero campaign achieved a very high rate of awareness of healthy habits: 75% of parents in Monroe County know what 5∙2∙1∙0 represents and that a "healthy hero" helps children live healthier lives.
  • 85% of parents surveyed believe that extra weight in children is a serious problem and 93% agree that extra weight carried into adulthood can lead to serious health problems.

Research and Evaluation

GRHF is committed to evaluating all of our strategic efforts. To that end, all initiatives of the Childhood Healthy Weight strategy are independently evaluated.