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Tariq Spence
Creating a Healthy Lifestyle with Compromise

Every family has a system— whether it’s a schedule of who takes out the trash or a regular time to sit down to dinner, we all have a plan.


In a search for healthier options for his family, Tariq Spence, his wife Dena and their three children have created an easy system that keeps them on the right track. “It’s all about structure and compromise in our house,” he says.


Using a system they’ve dubbed “No Media Mondays,” Tariq and his wife have been able to successfully limit their family’s screen time. “It’s our way to cut back on television, computers and video games in the house,” he says. “Instead, we go to the park or ride bikes together.”


Tariq and Dena implement a system for the dinner table as well. “We’ve cut back a lot on soda,” he says. “Its milk or water— that way it’s always healthy, but the kids still have a choice.” The family finds this approach works wonders for the menu too. “We give them a little bit of what they like, macaroni and cheese or chicken nuggets and the rest is something healthy that we want them to have, like corn or beans. It’s about compromise.”


The family even finds ways to eat healthy on-the-go. “It’s O.K. to have the occasional burger, but instead of getting fries on the side, we’ll swap them for healthier options like steamed vegetables or fruit.”


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