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Sady Fischer
Recipe for a Healthy Family

How does a busy family make room for important things like spending quality time together? Sady Fischer and her son Ariel have an easy answer, “Multi-tasking is key for our family,” she says.


As working parents, Fischer and her partner try to find ways to fit healthy activity into their busy schedule, “For us it’s about setting a good example for Ariel, but we also want to be able to keep up with him as he grows older.”


Fischer finds that family time can be both fun and healthy. Incorporating physical activity into regular household chores is one way her family makes it happen. “If it’s sunny out and we really want to go bike riding, but we also need groceries, we just put on our backpacks and ride to the store together,” she explains.


The family also bonds preparing their meals. “Cooking together is a good way to catch up on each other’s day while still being productive,” Fischer says. “Ariel helps pick out what veggies and fruit we use to cook with. Giving him ownership over the meals we create together makes him enjoy eating healthy foods.”


Fischer’s family makes living 5•2•1•0 easier with multi-tasking. Mixing fun, physical activity and a little bit of necessity can make for a healthy family recipe.


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