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Melissa Morale
Simple Substitute for a Healthier Life

Melissa DamarizWe can’t always control what our kids eat and drink when they’re in someone else’s care. So how can busy parents make sure their children get the right foods and drinks they need to stay healthy?


Melissa Morale makes it easy with simple substitutes and doing it as a family. “When we’re home, we do everything together,” Melissa explains. “Eating together is especially important because I know what they’re eating and how much. It helps keep us close and healthy.”


Melissa’s five-year-old son, Jayden, and nine-year-old daughter, Damariz, have trouble eating vegetables, so she changes things up to make them more appealing. “I’ll mix them in with other things, like a pasta dish or chicken. When they’re combined with foods they do like, it makes them more appetizing.”


Melissa and her family keep it fresh by changing up traditional foods to make them not only healthier but fun for the kids. “One of the things we do is fill up shish kabob sticks with our favorite fruits. It looks cool and the kids eat it right up!” she says. The family also makes fun homemade fruit-pops using kiwi, strawberries, and other fruits by blending them together with ice and freezing them in ice cube trays.


Even around the holidays the Morale family adjusts to make some of their favorite classic snacks lighter. “For example, we’ll make candy apples with peanut butter instead of caramel sauce,” she explains. “Healthy substitutes like that taste just as good to the kids, and it’s still fun to make and eat together.”


Melissa’s family makes living 5-2-1-0 easier by putting some healthy fun into the mix. Do you know a family of healthy heroes? E-mail to nominate families who make 5-2-1-0 work for them!