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Lori Bryce
Small Steps Towards a Healthier Lifestyle

Knowing which foods are healthy and which ones aren’t isn’t always easy. In a world of processed foods and quick but not-so-healthy options, we can easily lose sight of what’s best for our bodies. Lori Bryce and her family have found simple ways to manage what they eat without having to sacrifice their love for food.


When grocery shopping, Lori, her husband Roger, and their three children – 12-year-old daughter Claire, 10-year-old son Ross, and 6-year-old son Dale – always take time to read the labels. “We initially read labels because of food allergies. In doing so we became aware of how highly processed so much of our food is. Checking the ingredients before making a choice made us realize that certain foods aren’t the best things to have, so we stopped buying them.”


Lori also finds that just putting less on their plate keeps family members from eating more than they need. “When I grill chicken, instead of putting five chicken breasts on the table, I slice them all up first. This way, we’re inclined to take less but there’s always more if we want it.”


When it comes to treats, Lori follows the same principles. “We buy a lot of fruits and vegetables at local farms and markets in the summer and freeze them for use all year,” she explains.  Lori knows frozen fruits and vegetables have just as much nutritional value as fresh ones, and that they make a great fun, healthy snack. “On hot summer days the kids actually love to go into the freezer and grab some frozen peas, corn, or fruit.”