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Leonard Brock
Being a Healthy Role Model

Leonard Brock Healthy HeroFamilies of all sizes and cultures find it challenging to balance doing what’s convenient and doing the things we should to stay healthy. Leonard Brock believes that the keys to healthy living for his blended family is embracing family time with his wife Keda, his ten-year-old son Isaiah, and their four-year-old daughter Island, and setting a good example.


“When it comes down to it, it’s all about being a healthy role model for the kids,” Brock says. “My wife and I try to eat healthy, stay active and communicate why we’re doing it, so they understand it’s important. My philosophy is, if you want your children to eat right and be active, you have to do it too.”


One way Brock and his wife set an example is by not having a television in their bedroom. “We wanted the kids to see that too much screen time is bad for everyone in the family.”


Brock also sets the household culture by eating right, even if it’s not by the book. “I’ll admit, our family isn’t much for sitting down to breakfast,” he says. However, instead of eating pop-tarts or skipping breakfast, “we like to eat something on-the-go but healthy, like yogurt, fruit or granola bars.”


When it comes to snack time, Brock and Keda choose to eat their favorite fruits instead of chips or cookies. “We eat try to eat healthy at snack time so we encourage the kids to do the same.”


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