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George Moses
Inspiring Healthy Family Lifestyles

Busy families always find it difficult to spend enough quality time together, and when both parents work full-time, schedules can get even more hectic. For George Moses, his wife Precious, and their three children still living at home, making time for family meals together isn’t always possible, so they find other ways to stay connected and healthy.


“The kids play so many sports throughout the year, it takes up a lot of their time,” he says. “So I coach my son’s football and baseball teams, and go with my daughter on school sports trips— this way we’re getting active together.”


Even when the family’s on-the-go, Moses finds ways to inspire them to be healthy. “I tell my kids, your body is a high-performance machine. You have to fill it with what it needs,” he explains. His family uses 5•2•1•0 as their “rules for fuel” and structures meals around the healthy guidelines.“ Our bodies need good fuel to run, so we drink water instead of sugary sodas and eat energy-packed vegetables and fruit instead of heavy foods that will slow us down.”  


When Moses’ family does find time together at home they get outside. “We’re blessed to have a big yard in the city; it’s a great place for the kids to get active with their imaginations. We have snowball fights in the winter and play games. I’ve even lost weight running around out there!”