Malachi Johnson-Bivins
Learn which activities Malachi embraces to live a 5-2-1-0 lifestyle!
Siobhan Stubbe
Learn how dancing helps her body stay strong
Xavier Rizzo
Learn how he has fun staying active
Charles Finley IV
To stay healthy Charles loves to play sports
School #2
See how they stay active!
Jacob Alvarez
Jacob knows being active is important
Tony Arnold
Learn how he stays active every day
Kaylie Quintana
Find out how she stays active in sun or snow!
Healthy School Eating
How Gina makes healthy choices
Jada Walker
Learn about her vegetable garden
Eat 5 servings of fruit & veggies every day!
Learn more about 5•2•1•0
Gym Time & Active Play
Learn how Kevin strays active
Spend no more than 2 hours watching TV
playing video games or surfing the net a day
Yoga Makes the Grade
First grader Khaya shares his excitement for Yoga
Get at least 1 hour of active play per day
Learn more about 5•2•1•0
Zero sugary drinks!
Drink water or low-fat plain milk instead